Burden of Waterproof

We leave tomorrow for Japan and our packing is almost complete. Fortunately for me, I will be on this journey with my wife Anna, a veteran world traveler.  When I walked out to the backyard last night, this is what I found:

Waterproofing your luggage is a must, claims Anna. And who am I to argue with that?  Not only does this gal know her stuff when it comes to such things as theology, geography, horsewomanship, languages, folkart, etc. etc. etc.  She also knows that you gotta stay dry or else. I must say, being able to travel with Anna is just one more reason that I am feeling very blessed to be going on this fellowship.

6 responses to “Burden of Waterproof”

  1. Hannah Johnson says :

    I love this! Many blessings and prayers to you as travel.

  2. Laura Aase says :

    I hope you are not in a situation this year that compels Anna to write your names on your bodies in permanent marker. It will be fun to follow your travels!

  3. Paula says :

    Don’t forget to pack the headlamp!

  4. Tara Dairman says :

    I love this! Can’t wait to follow you guys around the world. Safe travels!

  5. DeNee Hansen says :

    Happy trails to you and God Bless you and the work ahead.

  6. Janice White says :

    I am soooo excited to follow your adventures!! Safe travels.

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