ARI: Week 1

It has been a busy first week in Japan at the Asian Rural Institute. Last Saturday the community celebrated the opening of a brand new dining hall and classroom building after the previous one was damaged in the earthquake of 2011. On Wednesday we harvested the rice that will sustain this community of 60+ people for a whole year. And to top it off, Anna and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! Here are a few pictures to sum up our time so far.

The ARI Choir--Singing for the Building Dedication

Our First Day--Sunflower Harvest

Anna on the job

Getting Sunflowers into the drying room

Chopping Silage

Rice Awaiting

Prayers before the Harvest

Songs too

This is how you cut the rice

This is how you hang it...but not actually on people

Rice Combine

A little muddy at times

Freshly Cut

Hangin' to dry


5 responses to “ARI: Week 1”

  1. DeNee Hansen says :

    Wonderful to see you are doing fine. Happy Anniversary

  2. Anita Holmes says :

    Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing your story! Happy Anniversay!

  3. Janice White says :

    What a fabulous way to celebrate your anniversary! One of many adventures of life you two will share! Thanks for sharing these pictures! What an experience!

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