Ending October

Autumn in Japan is beautiful with changing leaves and mild weather. The past few weeks have been good. Plenty to do and plenty to learn. Here is a rundown of a few things we've been doing the past two weeks…

There has been harvesting and there has been planting.

Sweet Potato Harvest

Who knew a radish could look like this?

Planting Garlic in the Rain

There has been good fellowship.

Pizza Party with participants and volunteers

Songs before a coffee hour at Nishinasuno Church

With the worship leader

Two Church Ladies

An Octet singing for morning gathering

And there has just been plenty of good work with good people.

Making soy milk. Anna, Kaniki from DR Congo, Catherine from Malawi, Megumi from Japan

Weeding onion seedlings

Chicken Butchering

One of the bouquets Anna made for a charity concert at ARI

Making a new woodpile

Our time at ARI is about half done and we are grateful for it. I will soon be posting about our trip to Tokyo and I have got much more to share about ARI too. Thanks for following our journey so far!


3 responses to “Ending October”

  1. Tara Dairman says :

    I love how Anna has such a huge smile on her face while she butchers the chickens. Priceless.🙂 And I love the flower arrangement, and her new haircut, too!!

  2. Susie and Ted Rudberg says :

    Your blogs are wonderful. We look forward to reading them so much. What a
    wonderful opportunity for you.

  3. Shirley Place says :

    We really enjoy your blog!!!

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