Kansai in 19 pictures

Last week we visited Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka–three important cities in the Kansai region. Our friend Yuki whom we met at the Asian Rural Institute is from the area and she was gracious enough to be our guide. Nothing beats having a local show you around. Kyoto is especially famous as the former capital and cultural hub of Japan. We packed a lot of sightseeing into these seven days and we hope these images capture some of our experience:

Disembarking the overnight ferry from Beppu to Osaka

Our awesome tour guide,Yuki!

Osaka castle

Shinkansen train from Osaka to Kyoto. These things can go around 170 mph!

Anna at the temple

The biggest wooden building in the world in Nara

Nara is famous for tiny deer that roam around the temples

4 ways they can hurt you

Sizing each other up

Bamboo grove in Kyoto

We were lucky enough to see a geisha performance

Fancy scrambled eggs

With the owner of Soba Cafe in Kyoto. A former agriculture student, she is now trying to introduce people to cultivation and numerous uses of buckwheat

Thanks for a great time Yuki!


4 responses to “Kansai in 19 pictures”

  1. Shirley Place says :

    Very interesting, I love the warning sign by the little deer!!!

  2. Deborah Polzin says :

    Thanks for taking us along on your trips. It is wonderful to see another country through your photos and comments. Interesting photo showing the joining of the partitions/walls of the wooden building.

  3. VanderVeens says :

    We have been enjoying all your interesting journeys! Thanks so much for sharing them will all of us here in MN.
    Just to let you know…..we finally got a little snow, and now the cold sets in. Enjoy the warmth there!!

  4. Paula says :

    I hope the rest of your year measures up to this first experience.

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