Losing Gustav on Easter

Gustav, 1999-2013, a dog who appreciated a lengthy sit on a willing lap, an ardent sniffer at the oven when Thanksgiving turkey was roasting, a boisterous greeter who remembered me even if I'd been away for months, a backyard low rider who could get high-centered if the grass was too long or snow too deep, a very good friend who could be a little bossy at times, and a beloved member of our family.

Pets are a blessing in our lives and not to be taken for granted. Sometimes we think of Easter and all this resurrection stuff as just something having to do with us human beings. Too rarely do we imagine the empty tomb as the hope for all creation and its creatures, even our pet dogs or horses or hamsters. God is the author and artist of all life who also promises that death will be no more. In the sadness over losing Gustav as our family pet, I am consoled in the confidence that such an Easter promise is also for him as one created in love by the God who has knit all life together. I am thankful he was knit so lovingly into our little family.


2 responses to “Losing Gustav on Easter”

  1. Deborah Polzin says :

    I am sorry for the loss of Gustav and like you, hope to see all my animal friends in Heaven.

  2. Angie Speiser says :

    Thanks Pete…”All creatures of our God and King, Lift up your voice and with us sing..Alleluia, Christ is Risen” Not sure how that sounds in a doxie baying howl but you’re spot on!

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