Camphill Goodbyes

On Wednesday we said goodbye to the many friends we made at Camphill Farm. Like the Asian Rural Institute in Japan, Camphill was a place that welcomed us and gave us a glimpse of how farming can create community and quality of life. Part of Camphill's mission is to provide meaningful work for people with developmental disabilities. This is achieved as the residents help to work the land and provide food for themselves. Some worked with herbs, some baked, some tended pastures, some gardened, some made dairy products. It's a noble and yet challenging way of farming, aimed toward caring for people and for the land above caring for profit margins. I understand that that might sound sentimental but I don't think it makes it any less worthy of a cause. I learned a lot from the people I worked with and I know Anna can say the same. Here are some pictures of the people and places we said goodbye too.

Cows at Camphill are a favorite of the residents

Going away presents from one knitter to another

Enjoying a sunset picnic at the beach

Sunday night dance lessons were a real highlight of our time at Camphill

Working in the Herb workshop

Sunday afternoon at the beach

Mixing feed was a regular part of our work


One response to “Camphill Goodbyes”

  1. Paula says :

    I’m looking forward to your next discoveries. I looks like this was a great experience.

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