Pit Stop: Dubai

Our flight from Jo’berg to London was through Dubai. The ticket became substantially cheaper if we stayed in Dubai for a few days, and we were happy to oblige. Anna had never been to the Middle East and we were both curious about a place made so famous for its excess. We wondered if there was more to the story.

Tallest building in the world (viewed from the entryway of the world’s largest mall). Dubai loves shiny.

Because Anna and I are into a little less bling than the new Dubai offers, we opted to explore some other parts of the city. This did not disappoint. Dubai is a modern day crossroads, a center of trade, and there are so many different groups coming in search of a new start. It’s fascinating to walk through older parts of town with so many different nationalities represented. Here are few things we saw.

Spice shops were fun to visit. This one was run by an Iranian gentleman.

Sugar cane juice was delicious

Preparations for a Hindu festival happening in an alleyway behind one of the big mosques

Visit to a living history museum…Anna learning a decorating technique

At an exhibit for Arabic calligraphy. This guy was amazing

Bakeries in the old city were very special to see

After working in a bakery in South Africa, I had a better appreciation for the work that goes into bread making

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