Armenian Daily Bread

You might have noticed that pictures of bakeries and bread have been showing up here on the blog. While in South Africa I got the opportunity to work in a bakery and I felt a strong connection to it. It's enjoyable, physical work and I valued the fact that people get to enjoy good food as result of your labor. There are many theological connections to bread as well so it has been fun to meet people whose vocation is lived out in the bakery.

Here are some of the bakeries we've come across in Armenia in our short time. Anna does an amazing job getting these photos while simultaneously translating from Russian so I can be part of the conversation too!

All kinds of breads, pies, and sandwiches.

A Mother-Son bakery operation in a street corner stand

The next set of pictures is of a lavash bakery. Lavash is one of the national foods of Armenia and it's delicious. We stumbled upon a bakery where the women were just finishing up for the day and they were glad to have us take a look. I'm hoping to see the whole lavash process from start to finish while we're in Armenia, but this was a good intro.

Lavash comes in big sheets and is unleavened.

Finished lavash sheets are moved using these small trolleys.

This was the head baker (who was very happy to have her picture taken!). You can see some holes in the floor. The large one is the oven where the lavash is baked. My guess is that it is similar to a tandoor oven used to bake naan. I'm hoping to see this in action.

The baker insisted we have some and would not accept any money. Armenians take pride in their food and hospitality. What more can you ask for as a traveler?

Here you can see the Armenian script, which along with the picture indicates the presence of delicious bread.



3 responses to “Armenian Daily Bread”

  1. DeNee hansen says :

    Amazing and so interesting.

  2. Shirley Place says :

    wish I could taste it!

  3. Deborah Polzin says :

    Great photos. The food looks delicious and I see I can get my favorite beverage Coca Cola!!

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