A Little More Armenia

Last time I wrote we were in Tbilisi, Georgia. Now we are further west in Cappadocia, Turkey, an important hub of early Christianity. Despite being two countries removed, I still wanted to share a few more images from our first month in Armenia. What a great place!

Armenian coffee brewing in hot sand....I'll take all four please

Poppy flowers in bloom

Our beloved taxi driver haggling for fresh picked mushrooms

Some type of fermented dairy drink. Anna lives for this kind of thing.

Church on Lake Sevan

At the bus station in a town called Vanadzor

The priest at Haghpat monastery let Anna ring the bell

At Haghpat Monastery

Later on in Haghpat village this happened and afterwards we ate a lot of cheese with the family


One response to “A Little More Armenia”

  1. DeNee hansen says :

    I continue to be absolutely amazed at what you have experienced.

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