Taking Bulgaria by the Horns

Bulgaria: a neighbor of Turkey to the west and chock-full of interesting churches. This was key territory for the Orthodox Church as well as for the Ottoman Empire. We had a short stay and saw what we could, avoided a near pick-pocketing and sampled a tasty dessert called 'sweet milky banica.' All in a day's work.

Alexander Nevsky Church in Sofia, a symbol of Bulgaria. Inside and out one of my favorite churches we have visited this year.

Rila Monastery, the spiritual heart of Bulgarian Orthodoxy.

Old Town of Plovdiv

Bachkovo Monastery

Roman amphitheater in Plovdiv

Sunset in Plovdiv

We really enjoyed getting acquainted with the Bulgarian Church, particularly for how lively it is. Rila monastery is a buzzing place and painted with every color in the palette. And yet many churches also have a more calming energy than you might find in other Orthodox traditions. The Alexander Nevsky church at the top of the post has muted artwork and iconography inside and its massive dome sort of makes you feel miniature in a satisfying way.

Our time in Bulgaria was too short but better than none at all. We have about two months left on the journey and I hope to keep posting photos as much as I can. We are in Bosnia now and later in the month we will take some time to visit Anna's relatives in Sweden.


One response to “Taking Bulgaria by the Horns”

  1. Ellis Shuman says :

    I am glad you enjoyed your visit to Bulgaria! I lived there for two years and your pictures brought back warm memories. Oh, luckily you only had a near pick-pocketing. My wife experienced the real thing.

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